The Power in Applying “The Four Agreements” to Divorce

As a homework assignment for my recent girl’s weekend, I was asked to read The Four Agreements. I was fully willing, but somewhat skeptical, since as the only child of a counselor, I was raised on a steady diet of self-help. I think I overdosed. After the first few pages, my skepticism was replaced withContinue reading “The Power in Applying “The Four Agreements” to Divorce”

The Life You Had is Gone

“The life you had is gone.” I would tell myself as a lament and in an attempt to force acceptance. “You now have the opportunity to create a new life.” I would continue, in a hope that optimism also operated on the “fake it until you make it” principle. “You can now build a lifeContinue reading “The Life You Had is Gone”

My Lesson From the Blue Zone

This morning, as I was dicing fresh ginger and tumeric for a chickpea curry, I was transported back to a semi-cultivated garden I toured a couple weeks ago in Costa Rica. As we trekked through the plot on our way to a waterfall, the guides would point out interesting plants and invite us to tasteContinue reading “My Lesson From the Blue Zone”

How to Rein In Your Need For Control

I was embarrassed to wear shorts. The insides of my thighs were covered with tiny half-moon cuts and welts, formed by my own finger nails digging into my tender flesh. It hurt. But strangely enough, I did it in an attempt to not feel pain. It was my first conscious bid for control. Every month,Continue reading “How to Rein In Your Need For Control”