Five Damaging Divorce Stereotypes

Those that have not personally experienced divorce have no shortage of judgements and opinions. These are some of the more common damaging divorce stereotypes that you may encounter -   The Spouse That Initiated the Divorce is a Quitter At some point, you have to make a decision - do you continue to endure a … Continue reading Five Damaging Divorce Stereotypes

The Power in Applying “The Four Agreements” to Divorce

four agreements divorce

As a homework assignment for my recent girl's weekend, I was asked to read The Four Agreements. I was fully willing, but somewhat skeptical, since as the only child of a counselor, I was raised on a steady diet of self-help. I think I overdosed. After the first few pages, my skepticism was replaced with … Continue reading The Power in Applying “The Four Agreements” to Divorce

Jumping to Conclusions

jumping to conclusions

Once we believe something, even if we leapt recklessly to that opinion, we then proceed to ignore that which doesn't support our conclusion. 

The Problem With Doing What You Know

When I first started teaching math, I followed the general wisdom of the time that the majority of independent practice should take place outside of the limited classroom time.  As I was advised, I took grades on homework completion, quickly glancing at thirty-plus student papers filled with equations before going over the answers. At that … Continue reading The Problem With Doing What You Know

The Two Words You Should Never Say

We often utter these two words under the guise of empathy and compassion. We say them almost automatically when something said triggers a memory in ourselves. But when we say these words, we are not being empathetic. Or compassionate. We are being egotistical and worst and narrow-minded at best. Assuming that we know more and … Continue reading The Two Words You Should Never Say