Jumping to Conclusions

jumping to conclusions

Once we believe something, even if we leapt recklessly to that opinion, we then proceed to ignore that which doesn't support our conclusion. 

The Problem With Doing What You Know

When I first started teaching math, I followed the general wisdom of the time that the majority of independent practice should take place outside of the limited classroom time.  As I was advised, I took grades on homework completion, quickly glancing at thirty-plus student papers filled with equations before going over the answers. At that … Continue reading The Problem With Doing What You Know

The Two Words You Should Never Say

We often utter these two words under the guise of empathy and compassion. We say them almost automatically when something said triggers a memory in ourselves. But when we say these words, we are not being empathetic. Or compassionate. We are being egotistical and worst and narrow-minded at best. Assuming that we know more and … Continue reading The Two Words You Should Never Say

Confirmation Bias in Marriage

Election season has now reached a fervent peak around the country. My weekly runs take me by countless yards with campaign signs stabbed in their soil as though the occupants are laying claim to virgin land. The radio ads cause whiplash, with one party's claims following the other, blaring rhetoric in an attempt to sway … Continue reading Confirmation Bias in Marriage

Sleight of Mind

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ahg6qcgoay4   Our minds are so skilled at focusing on one thing to the exclusion of others. We see what we expect to see. We look to verify our assumptions. Sometimes our brains filter information so that we can focus on the most important information. Other times, our brains take shortcuts so that we can … Continue reading Sleight of Mind