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How Yoga Can Help You Through Divorce

I rarely give the advice that people should do a certain thing. After all, we are all different with unique needs and situations. But today I’m making an exception. Because this […]

How to Create Lasting Change

Transformation requires change both in thoughts and in actions. And change is difficult to initiate and often even more difficult to sustain. The following are some tips and suggestions for […]

5 Tips for Dealing with a Down Day

It is good to remember that mood ebbs and flows and that we will all have days where we are feeling down.  This article came at a perfect time for […]

It is Official; I Am Insane

Just in case you were on the fence about the integrity of my mental faculties, I will provide you with the evidence needed to convince you on which side you […]

Rest Day

As you can see, my dog has mastered the rest day.  I, on the other hand, am still learning. I am most familiar with the concept of a rest day […]

How a Kettlebell Became My Therapist

I have exercised regularly since high school.  It was always an important part of my life. It allowed me to release excess energy and frustration, it made me feel better […]

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