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Lessons From the End of a Marriage

A “How to Thrive” Guide After Divorce

Let’s Be Friends

I hear it often – “After my divorce, I lost so many friends. The couples I knew no longer invited me to join them. It’s like they thought they could only socialize with other couples.” And that’s sad. Not only for the single person, but also for the couples. Because both have quite a bitContinue reading “Let’s Be Friends”

What to Say (and NOT to Say) to Someone Going Through Divorce

You have just learned that someone in your life is going through divorce and you want to know what you should say to them. Or, you’re facing divorce and you’re wondering why your friends and family seem intent on saying things that only make you feel worse. With divorce, as in any major loss andContinue reading “What to Say (and NOT to Say) to Someone Going Through Divorce”

So Your Ex Wants to Be Friends?

“I want us to be friends.” This little sentence shows up on your phone alongside your ex’s name. It’s a simple sentence, yet the implications and possible repercussions are anything but straightforward. You start to reply. Then you reconsider and delete your initial response. What should you say? Before you make a decision about yourContinue reading “So Your Ex Wants to Be Friends?”

The Five Kinds of People You Need in Your Life During Divorce

Divorce is an all-hands-on-deck proposition. These are the five types of people you need to make sure you have in your life during divorce: The Never-Married Strangely enough, you may find that your single friends are the best equipped to sit with you through the even the most brutal emotions. That’s because your divorce canContinue reading “The Five Kinds of People You Need in Your Life During Divorce”

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