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We’ll Get Through This Together

There are many words that feel amazing to receive:   “I love you.” “I’m proud of you.” “You are amazing.” “I appreciate you.”   There are times those are the words we need to...


The Five Kinds of People You Need in Your Life During Divorce

I developed an unlikely friend during divorce. She was 22 to my 32. She was wildly single, never having even been in a single serious relationship, whereas I had been partnered half of my...


So Your Ex Wants to Be Friends?

I am in complete and total awe and amazement of those who manage to be friends with their exes after divorce. I feel like I’m doing well to be able to speak his name...


After Divorce: The Compelling Case for Detached Compassion

“My ex was such a big part of my life my so many years, I can’t imagine not being friends with them.” “After what my ex did to me, there’s no way that I...


The Three Golden Rules of Complaining

We all do it – Grumble and moan about the things that just aren’t going right. Vent out the vitriol accumulated after some perceived wrongdoing. Or harbor a tendency to paint a situation in...

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