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Don’t Get Married Before You Can Answer “Yes” to These Ten Questions!

Marriage is a big step. A significant commitment. To help ensure that you’re making the right decision for you, make sure that you can answer “yes” to these ten questions before you say “yes”...

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21 Important Repercussions of Marrying Young

Marrying young feels like making the right decision in the moment. Yet, that decision can have some very real consequences.

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7 Reasons Discovering Your Ex is Getting Married is the Worst (and 7 Reasons It’s Not)

So you’re ex is getting married… At some point, most people who have been through a divorce or major break-up discover that their ex is getting married (or recently wed). Whether the news comes...

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Marital Limbo

We had one of our good friends over the other evening. He was recently divorced when I met him a few years ago, although Brock knew him through much of his marriage. In the...


A Wife By Any Other Name

When I married for the first time, I changed my name without thought. I was happy to replace the name that I associated with childhood with one that I related to becoming an adult....

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