Four Types of Marital Abandonment You Need to Know About

When I filed for a “fault” divorce (which, in retrospect, was a mistake), one of the reasons cited was “marital abandonment.” It was a clear call – he walked out of the house and out of my life, leaving everything behind in order to start a new life in a new state. It’s the textbookContinue reading “Four Types of Marital Abandonment You Need to Know About”

Marital Climate vs. Marital Weather

It’s been an odd winter in the Southeast this year. We’ve had record rainfall and relatively moderate temperatures. The near-constant flooding has meant that most of the trails (many of which run alongside streams in low-lying areas) have been inaccessible and even damaged from the fast flowing water. Without perspective, you might easily assume thatContinue reading “Marital Climate vs. Marital Weather”

Money Talks

It’s always about so much more than money, isn’t it? It’s amazing how much emotion and self-image can become tied up in the amount of money coming in and in how the money goes out. And how something that at its essence is pretty basic can become the basis for such elaborate reactions and over-reactions.Continue reading “Money Talks”

Marital Limbo

We had one of our good friends over the other evening. He was recently divorced when I met him a few years ago, although Brock knew him through much of his marriage. In the past several years, he’s been dating, at times sporadically and at other times with more intent. He even contemplated moving inContinue reading “Marital Limbo”