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Putting It All Behind Me

You know those times when you don’t realize you’re holding your breath until you finally get a deep lungful of air? Well, apparently I haven’t been breathing for the past 6 years. Or actually...


Identity Theft

My stomach dropped as I read the words on the screen: We take your privacy and your security seriously. In order to process your request, you must first complete the following identity quiz. The...


Money Talks

It’s always about so much more than money, isn’t it? It’s amazing how much emotion and self-image can become tied up in the amount of money coming in and in how the money goes...


I Did It. I Finally Did It.

It may seem as though I have slain all of the demons from my past. I can look at pictures without tears. I’m no longer fueled by anger. I have let myself find forgiveness....


Marital Fraud: Questions Answered

My recent Huffington Post piece, It’s Not Fraud If You’re Married has generated some interesting and thoughtful questions. Here are the answers to some of them. It may make you think about your own...

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