Are You Running Towards or Are You Running Away From?

One of the best leaders I’ve ever worked for told me her greatest lesson about hiring good people – I only hire people who are running towards something, not those who are running away. Her words settled into my brain throughout that afternoon and evening. The more I considered them, the more profound and wide-reachingContinue reading “Are You Running Towards or Are You Running Away From?”

A Kiss at Halftime: Love, Trust and the Super Bowl

Four years ago, I turned my cheek when my date at a Super Bowl party tried to kiss me. That date is now my husband. If you had told me then that I would be in a home with that same man hosting our own Super Bowl party, I would have scoffed. After all, thatContinue reading “A Kiss at Halftime: Love, Trust and the Super Bowl”

The Marshmallow Test

In the Stanford marshmallow experiment, young children were placed alone in a room with a single marshmallow. They were told that if they left the marshmallow alone until the experimenter returned, they would receive two marshmallows. Further studies indicated that children that could delay gratification had better life outcomes in terms of educational attainment andContinue reading “The Marshmallow Test”

I Did It. I Finally Did It.

It may seem as though I have slain all of the demons from my past. I can look at pictures without tears. I’m no longer fueled by anger. I have let myself find forgiveness. I have learned how to trust again and I have found love. But there has been one huge elephant of aContinue reading “I Did It. I Finally Did It.”