My Side, His Side and … the Truth?

One of the more infuriating responses I’ve received when others have heard my synopsis of my ex-husband’s actions that led to the divorce is, “Well, you know how it is. There’s your side, his side and then, somewhere in between them, there’s the truth.” After I swallow my scream, I try to respond with aContinue reading “My Side, His Side and … the Truth?”

Seven Strategies a Covert Abuser Uses to Create Convincing Lies

Unless you’ve been there, you simply cannot understand how well a covert abuser can lie. The stories are so cunningly crafted and so expertly delivered that even the professionals can be fooled. It’s one of the harder – and more frustrating – parts of emerging from this type of relationship, as you feel like nobodyContinue reading “Seven Strategies a Covert Abuser Uses to Create Convincing Lies”

Speaking Out: Why Hiding Your Struggles Makes it Worse

At this point, the only real regret I have about my first marriage was that I didn’t know. Not about the financial and sexual infidelity (although it would have been nice to have had some insider information!). And not even about his plan to leave and secure another wife. I regret that I didn’t knowContinue reading “Speaking Out: Why Hiding Your Struggles Makes it Worse”

Identity Theft

My stomach dropped as I read the words on the screen: We take your privacy and your security seriously. In order to process your request, you must first complete the following identity quiz. The last time I had to take an identity quiz, I failed. It was just over three years ago and I wasContinue reading “Identity Theft”