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Seven Strategies a Covert Abuser Uses to Create Convincing Lies

Unless you’ve been there, you simply cannot understand how well a covert abuser can lie. The stories are so cunningly crafted and so expertly delivered that even the professionals can be fooled. It’s one...


Gaslighting – The Flame That Refuses To Be Stamped Out

Just when I think I’m healed… I’m having a big old trigger attack today. My heart is racing. My gut, nauseous. My brain is split between two years – 2009 and today. And all...

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Why I Refuse to Call My Ex Husband a Covert Narcissist

  If anyone has the right to call her ex a covert narcissist, it’s me. While on the surface, he was a giving and caring man everyone loved, the man behind the curtain was...

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