Telling Stories: The Lesson in the Brian Williams’ Scandal

I never watch television news. So I had no idea who Brian Williams was until the news about his false claims about his time in Iraq. All of the tidbits I read online or heard on the radio took the position that he intentionally and willfully fabricated these stories. Until I came across this one.Continue reading “Telling Stories: The Lesson in the Brian Williams’ Scandal”

The Faux Commute

In the book I’m reading right now, the main character continues her weekday commute into London months after she was terminated from her job. Part of her motivation seemed to be habit and a lack of purpose and direction. But the main reason she continued the act is because she was too ashamed to tellContinue reading “The Faux Commute”


I know I was shocked when I first heard the news. I’ll bet you were too. We trusted him. We respected him. We felt like we knew him. And then when the stories about his impropriety began to surface, we started to question. Not only his authenticity, but also our own judgment. Like so manyContinue reading “Overcompensation”

Virtual Reality

He noticed her as soon as her entered. An older woman, well dressed, standing at the counter watching the gemologist examine a rather large stone under magnification. As my husband completed his transaction, paying for the new battery and taking possession of his watch, he couldn’t help but overhear the exchange between the woman andContinue reading “Virtual Reality”