What Happens To the Ones Who Leave?

What happens to the ones who leave? The ones who lie and deceive and then walk out the door into their next chapter without so much as a glance behind. Do they feel pain? Guilt? Remorse? Are they happy with their decisions and in their new lives? Or do they regret the choices that endedContinue reading “What Happens To the Ones Who Leave?”

Which Pill Do You Choose?

My ex used to be obsessed with The Matrix. I think he somehow saw himself as Neo, an invulnerable character who was able to manipulate reality and was the one chosen to save the human race. I grew tired of the movie after so many repeated viewings and so, after my ex left, I pushedContinue reading “Which Pill Do You Choose?”

Character Assassination

I didn’t like reading how many of you relate to being gaslighted. It’s one of those areas that I know for me is still tender. There is much un-probed because it hurts too much to counter often-good memories with the knowledge of the duplicity and lies. And I finally realized that the daunting task ofContinue reading “Character Assassination”