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10 Contradictory Qualities of a Good Marriage

It is often said that marriage is a balancing act. It requires weighing the needs of the individual against the needs of the partnership. It necessitates compromise and constant communication. […]

Tells – The Truth Always Finds a Way Out

Last night, we watched the movie Rounders, a drama where Matt Damon and Edward Norton portray high-stakes poker players. It was intriguing to disappear into that risky and shadowy world […]

Snipe Hunt

It was a snipe hunt. I didn’t realize it at the time. In fact, I didn’t even realize he was searching for something. I just saw them as simple transactions. […]

Of Horses and Zebras

There is a common saying in medicine: When you hear hoofbeats, think horses, not zebras. In other words, look for and rule out the common causes of symptoms before you […]

Wrapped in Words

It’s been a rough few weeks at work. I took the time today to read the signs that are posted throughout the school. They helped bring a smile to my […]

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