What Makes People Susceptible to Gaslighting?

It’s so hard for me now to understand how I fell for my ex-husband’s BS. From where I stand now, his gaslighting and manipulation tactics seems transparent and absurd. But that certainly wasn’t the case while I was living it. In fact, I was more likely to accept that I was crazy than to accuseContinue reading “What Makes People Susceptible to Gaslighting?”

When Your Pedestal is Too High

When I first met my ex-husband, my focus was on getting to know him. I asked questions without assuming the answers and I listened to his responses without any prior assumptions blocking the way like a clog in a drain. And then, much like what happens when you become familiar with a character in aContinue reading “When Your Pedestal is Too High”

Subtle Signs You’re Being Manipulated By a Covert Abuser

Covert abuse is sneaky. It doesn’t leave a bruise on your cheek. Or cut you down with scathing words. Or even obviously isolate you from others. Instead, it wisps in slowly through tiny cracks. Velvet-trimmed lies whispered into trusting ears. The smoke builds until you no longer remember what it is like to see clearlyContinue reading “Subtle Signs You’re Being Manipulated By a Covert Abuser”


I know I was shocked when I first heard the news. I’ll bet you were too. We trusted him. We respected him. We felt like we knew him. And then when the stories about his impropriety began to surface, we started to question. Not only his authenticity, but also our own judgment. Like so manyContinue reading “Overcompensation”