Refuse to Be a Victim

β€œLet me introduce you to the victim advocate,” offered the policeman who had arrested my husband the day before.   I stopped short. That was the first time that word – victim – had ever been applied to me. I certainly felt victimized. My partner of sixteen years had just abandoned me with a text … Continue reading Refuse to Be a Victim

The Pitch-Black Room

Heartbreak is a pitch-black room. At first, you're disoriented. Confused. How did the familiar world become replaced by this sarcophagus of grief? There are no windows. No doors. Only darkness. And you're all alone. You can hear life as usual just outside your walls, but you are separated from the activity. The air feels funny. … Continue reading The Pitch-Black Room

Five Surprising Upsides to Being Cheated On

Nobody needs to tell you about the pain of being cheated on. You're living that every moment. Instead, I want you to know about the silver linings that can be found amidst the ruins of the betrayal.

Six Reasons Smart People Are Dumb in Love

smart people dumb love

I've always considered myself a smart person. And so, when I was confronted with the harsh reality of how stupid I was in my first marriage, it was a tough reality to accept. How could I be SO dumb when it comes to love?   1 - Smart People Are Still Subject to the Addictive … Continue reading Six Reasons Smart People Are Dumb in Love

How to Get Over Being Cheated On

get over being cheated on

"How do I get over being cheated on?" This phrase makes its way into my messages several times a week. And no matter how many times I read it, my stomach still clenches at those words. Because I can remember the desperation that I had for that answer. It was part fear - "Can I … Continue reading How to Get Over Being Cheated On