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The (Mostly) Unfortunate Side Effects of Being Ghosted

Being ghosted is the relationship equivalent of the missing persons case. Except in this case, the person chose to go missing. Decided to disappear, leaving you abandoned and doubting. Being ghosted is heartache seasoned...


A Day-By-Day Survival Guide to Get You Through the First Month of an Unwanted Divorce, Part 2

Click here to read how to get through days 1-10! Day Eleven Breathe. In times of trauma and transition, it’s all-too-easy to limit the breath. Set aside some time, sit or lie down in...


Pros and Cons of a Disappearing Act

Being abandoned sucks. The shock alone is enough to stop your heart. And then, once it starts beating again, all you want to to is yell at your so-called partner who thought it was acceptable...



The story of this missing plane just keeps getting stranger. It’s interesting to me to watch how surprised people are that we do not yet have answers. How shocked people are that it remains...


The Mourning After

I realized something the other day. I no longer remember my ex husband. Not in any real way. For a long time, when people asked me what I had loved about him, I could...

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