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Five Steps to Happiness After Unwanted Divorce

Five steps to happiness after unwanted divorce – Are you facing an unwanted divorce? Struggling to believe that anything will ever be okay again? I’m not going to pretend it will be easy. But...


6 Encouraging Ways to Take Back Your Power After an Unwanted Divorce

I’ve never felt so powerless. I had no money because he had taken it all. I had no voice because he left with a text and refused any contact. I had no information because...


Change is Never Easy, But it Can Be Easier

It’s not just seasons changing in these parts. The school where I’ve worked for the past five years has become swollen. Overripe and bursting with more kids than the building was designed to hold....

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How Do You Know When You’ve Moved On After Divorce?

Some milestones in divorce are clear – the day the decree is final, the day you establish your own home and the day you go on your first date. But the most important milestone?...


A Day-By-Day Survival Guide to Get You Through the First Month of an Unwanted Divorce, Part 3

Survival Guide for Days 1-10 Survival Guide for Days 11-20 Day Twenty-One Divorce, especially if it involved infidelity or abandonment, does quite a number on your confidence. It’s so easy to internalize any messages...

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