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Lessons From the Sudden End of Marriage

I really enjoyed doing this interview. Susanne asked some great questions that led me to talk about parts of my story that I rarely reflect on. Additionally, I also give some advice for people...

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Who Is This Person? Coming to Terms With Your Ex’s Sudden Coldness

We stood in front of the security line of the Atlanta airport. I felt so loved, so safe in the familiar space created between his chest and his arms, listening to his heart beat...


6 Encouraging Ways to Take Back Your Power After an Unwanted Divorce

I’ve never felt so powerless. I had no money because he had taken it all. I had no voice because he left with a text and refused any contact. I had no information because...

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6 Things I Would Have Done If I Had Known Divorce Was Coming

As I was slicing up a head of red cabbage this past weekend, I had a sudden craving for cabbage slaw. And not just any slaw, but the one my former mother in law...

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