Did You Miss These?

My newly planted plants managed to survive the freeze with only cosmetic damage. It's funny, similar damage used to devastate me. Now? I just shrug it off. I know that the wilted and damaged tissue will fall off of its own accord in a matter of days and that in a few weeks, there will … Continue reading Did You Miss These?

The Forgotten Lesson

Sometimes I miss the year of tear-stained cheeks. Not the piercing pain. Or the perpetual confusion. And definitely not the ever-vigilant fear. But the constant reminder of what really matters. And what is just noise. It was like the trauma itself acted as a filter. In order for something to register, it had to be … Continue reading The Forgotten Lesson

What You Were Looking For in 2014

Every January, I enjoy looking back at some of the search terms that lead to my blog. Some are obvious ("marriage ended") and some make me question humanity ("how do I get away with bigamy?"), but many simply make me chuckle. Here's a collection of some of the funnier search terms from this past year … Continue reading What You Were Looking For in 2014

Roadmap to Healing After Divorce

    A. Your world collapses. You do do too. You feel like you're coming undone at the seams and ever being okay again seems impossible. B. Little by little, you start to make some improvement despite yourself. Maybe you go a few hours without crying. Perhaps you sign up for a class or start … Continue reading Roadmap to Healing After Divorce

Eleven Traps That Hold You Back After Divorce

hold back divorce

The journey back to life after divorce is a tricky one. You're depleted and overwhelmed and simply ready for things to hurry up and get back to normal already. It's easy to feel stuck, trapped between your life and the life you wish to create. When you become aware of these snares, you are better … Continue reading Eleven Traps That Hold You Back After Divorce