Guest Blog: The Stages of Recovery From the Women Who Made It

By Amelia Meyer   He always chewed his lip when he knew he was in the wrong and, as I sat across the room, waiting for him to speak, I saw him begin to chew furiously. “What’s wrong?” I thought maybe he’d bought another expensive bicycle with the money we had saved for a tripContinue reading “Guest Blog: The Stages of Recovery From the Women Who Made It”

Roadmap to Healing After Divorce

    A. Your world collapses. You do do too. You feel like you’re coming undone at the seams and ever being okay again seems impossible. B. Little by little, you start to make some improvement despite yourself. Maybe you go a few hours without crying. Perhaps you sign up for a class or startContinue reading “Roadmap to Healing After Divorce”

Timeline of a Divorce

I hesitated to share this. Not because it’s private. Or controversial. But I’m afraid people will misinterpret it as an absolute. And if there’s one universal truth about divorce, it’s that there are no absolutes. I’m sharing this because I see a need. A void. People reaching out and wondering if their feelings are okayContinue reading “Timeline of a Divorce”