Separating Facts From Stories

There are the facts. And then there are the stories we weave from the facts. Fact: My ex-husband had an affair with a woman he met on a business trip. He married her three months after they met and abandoned me with a text message. Story: There must be something wrong with me for myContinue reading “Separating Facts From Stories”

Guest Blog: The Stages of Recovery From the Women Who Made It

By Amelia Meyer   He always chewed his lip when he knew he was in the wrong and, as I sat across the room, waiting for him to speak, I saw him begin to chew furiously. “What’s wrong?” I thought maybe he’d bought another expensive bicycle with the money we had saved for a tripContinue reading “Guest Blog: The Stages of Recovery From the Women Who Made It”

Telling Stories: The Lesson in the Brian Williams’ Scandal

I never watch television news. So I had no idea who Brian Williams was until the news about his false claims about his time in Iraq. All of the tidbits I read online or heard on the radio took the position that he intentionally and willfully fabricated these stories. Until I came across this one.Continue reading “Telling Stories: The Lesson in the Brian Williams’ Scandal”

The Power in Our Stories

Have you ever realized how powerful your story is? We craft them and then they shape us, each imprinting upon the other until it unclear where we end and our stories begin. We use our stories to inform others of our core selves and beliefs. We use our stories as parables, passing along wisdom andContinue reading “The Power in Our Stories”