5 Surprisingly Comforting Truths

-1- The hard truth – Knowing everything is an impossible goal.   Why it’s comforting – Ever fall prey to analysis paralysis? Where you become so focused on trying to gather all of the information that you find it difficult to make a decision and take a step? This hard truth highlights the fruitless natureContinue reading “5 Surprisingly Comforting Truths”

5 Things You Don’t Understand About Divorce Until You’ve Lived Through It

I thought I knew about divorce. When I was in elementary school, I weathered my own parents’ divorce, observing their reactions from the sidelines. I felt the loss, the change in family structure. I experienced the strange vacancies of a split – the blank spots on the walls where my dad’s pictures once hung andContinue reading “5 Things You Don’t Understand About Divorce Until You’ve Lived Through It”

Separating Facts From Stories

There are the facts. And then there are the stories we weave from the facts. Fact: My ex-husband had an affair with a woman he met on a business trip. He married her three months after they met and abandoned me with a text message. Story: There must be something wrong with me for myContinue reading “Separating Facts From Stories”

The (Unspoken) Truth About Marriage

When asked about the state of their union, people often feel like they have to defer to one of two responses: “It’s all good,” or, “It’s over.” Yet the reality is that most marriages spend much of their time between these two extremes. Where some things are good, some areas are taut with tension andContinue reading “The (Unspoken) Truth About Marriage”