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Twenty Tiny Tweaks to Help You Through Divorce

Divorce is completely overwhelming. It tasks you with legal proceedings, life restructuring and relationship renegotiation all while you’re just trying not to drown in your own tears. Some days, getting through it all feels...


5 Things You Don’t Understand About Divorce Until You’ve Lived Through It

I thought I knew about divorce. When I was in elementary school, I weathered my own parents’ divorce, observing their reactions from the sidelines. I felt the loss, the change in family structure. I...


5 Steps to Surviving Valentine’s Day After Divorce

The post-divorce calendar is a potential minefield of emotional artillery, ready to blow at the slightest trigger. Some of these days surprise up with their sudden intensity and hidden significance. While others, like the...

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How to Survive Attending Your First Wedding After Divorce

How to survive attending your first wedding after divorce –   You can only avoid them for so long. At some point, your excuses of, “I have to shampoo my cat” will wear thin...


How To Survive the Misery of a Marital Funk

It seems like everybody around me has been in a bit of a February funk – irritable, frustrated, glum and prone towards negative spin. The winter, with its seemingly perpetual rain and persistent gray...

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