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5 Steps to Surviving Valentine’s Day After Divorce

The post-divorce calendar is a potential minefield of emotional artillery, ready to blow at the slightest trigger. Some of these days surprise up with their sudden intensity and hidden significance. While others, like the...


Dreading Valentine’s Day?

Over on my Facebook page, I’ve been sharing plenty of Valentine’s Day snark. And it’s been well-received. Because, let’s face it, V Day can be like D Day for the recently divorced. If you’re...


Valentine’s Day Inspiration For the Recently Divorced

Valentine’s Day can be a minefield of expectations and disappointments for even the most happily coupled. And it’s often even harder for those who are recently single. Read here for some great Valentine’s Day...


A Cynic’s Guide to Valentine’s Day

So you thought you were safe? You survived the holiday season and you were beginning to settle back into normalcy. And then… Wham! Back with the sappy commercials. Out come the gaudy decorations. The...

Radical Gratitude 33

Radical Gratitude

For Valentine’s Day, I decided to send Brock a daily email with a message of how I love and appreciate him. It’s amazing how much starting my day that way helps to put me...

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