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You Can Be Right or You Can Be Married

When it comes to marriage, the opposite of “right” isn’t “wrong.” It’s “happy.” Because when we’re too focused on being right within a marriage, we’re losing focus on what’s really important: – reaching shared...


The (Unspoken) Truth About Marriage

When asked about the state of their union, people often feel like they have to defer to one of two responses: “It’s all good,” or, “It’s over.” Yet the reality is that most marriages...


The Biggest Mistake I Made in My First Marriage: The Argument For Arguing

My ex-husband and I never argued. We never disagreed on where to go to dinner. We didn’t fight about what color to paint the kitchen. There were no quarrels over where to go on...


How to Fight Fairly With Your Spouse

When Brock and I first started getting serious, I was afraid of arguments. Because I didn’t know how to have them. When it came to marital spats, I was a newbie. At any sign...


Mad At Your Partner? Try These 12 Ideas Before You Explode!

It happens to all of us. One day you find yourself looking at your partner in disbelief, the first flush of anger crawling up your neck like the mercury in a summer thermometer. How...

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