We Are the Sum of Our Experiences

As I mentioned recently, I’m in the early stages of making a major change in my life. This early stage of not-knowing is uncomfortable and so my inclination is to quickly make a decision so that I can disguise my anxiety about the uncertainty as busyness towards the goal. To help fight that tendency, I’mContinue reading “We Are the Sum of Our Experiences”

8 Strategies to Better Handle Relationship Conflict

Raise your hand if you feel like you could do better when it comes to managing conflict in your relationship. I have both hands up. One of the lovely lasting effects of emerging from a marriage with a covert abuser who morphed and manipulated instead of speaking his mind was that after 16 years ofContinue reading “8 Strategies to Better Handle Relationship Conflict”

Why Self Awareness is Critical for a Healthy Marriage

When asked to enumerate the critical components of a healthy relationship, most people appropriately include “communication” on their list. Communication certainly is critical to a healthy marriage; partnerships that depend upon mind-reading or are characterized by either raised or silenced voices rarely allow for intimacy and mutual support to develop. Yet something is often missingContinue reading “Why Self Awareness is Critical for a Healthy Marriage”

Ten Ways to Shut Down a Conversation

We all know that communication is key when it comes to building and sustaining relationships. Yet that knowledge alone isn’t sufficient to establish an open and mutually beneficial approach to conversations. Because, let’s face it, it can be challenging to communicate when we feel emotionally threatened or when our beliefs are being challenged. We canContinue reading “Ten Ways to Shut Down a Conversation”