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My Side, His Side and … the Truth?

One of the more infuriating responses I’ve received when others have heard my synopsis of my ex-husband’s actions that led to the divorce is, “Well, you know how it is. […]

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16 Widespread Misconceptions About Marriage

If I’m honest with myself, I entered into my first marriage with many of these misconceptions. These beliefs made recognizing and admitting to any cracks in the marriage a proposition […]

How to Fight Fairly With Your Spouse

When Brock and I first started getting serious, I was afraid of arguments. Because I didn’t know how to have them. When it came to marital spats, I was a […]

Ten Easy Communication Hacks For Your Marriage

Scan any list about the most important elements of a happy marriage and effective communication will be somewhere between “shared values” and “physical intimacy.” Its ubiquitous inclusion is not because […]

Choosing Poorly

I made a poor choice this past Saturday. I didn’t know it at the time, but by lunchtime today, it was beyond clear. The broccoli, purchased on Saturday, was bad. […]

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What Do You Owe Your Spouse?

A reader emailed me, describing his unhappiness in his marriage. He asked if he owed it to his wife to stay in the relationship. My answer? No. Staying in a […]

The Four Agreements in Marriage

As a homework assignment for my recent girl’s weekend, I was asked to read The Four Agreements. I was fully willing, but somewhat skeptical, since as the only child of […]

The Day the Marriage Died

Up until now, everything I have posted has been recently written, almost 3 years since the end of my marriage.  I recently went back and visited some of my earlier […]

How It Began

My own divorce story began in 2009 when I received a surprise text after 10 years of marriage that my husband was leaving.  That text was the last contact I […]

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