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The (Unspoken) Truth About Marriage

When asked about the state of their union, people often feel like they have to defer to one of two responses: “It’s all good,” or, “It’s over.” Yet the reality is that most marriages...

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An Open Letter to Those Who Have Been Ghosted by a Partner

I see you. I know that right now you’re feeling insignificant and discarded. I see you standing there in utter shock, struggling to process how everything changed in an instant. The “before” and “after”...

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What NOT to Do If You’re Unhappy in Your Marriage

So you’ve come to realize that you’re unhappy in your marriage. Perhaps you’ve noticed that you look forward to the times when your spouse is out of the home. Maybe you’re feeling increasingly stifled...

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My Side, His Side and … the Truth?

One of the more infuriating responses I’ve received when others have heard my synopsis of my ex-husband’s actions that led to the divorce is, “Well, you know how it is. There’s your side, his...

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16 Widespread Misconceptions About Marriage

If I’m honest with myself, I entered into my first marriage with many of these misconceptions. These beliefs made recognizing and admitting to any cracks in the marriage a proposition too scary to face...

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