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Stepping on Toes in the Pursuit of Happiness

“But I just wanted to be happy,” my couldn’t-be-ex-quickly-enough whined to the police officer in the interview room where he was being questioned for bigamy. “That doesn’t give you an […]

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What Happens To the Ones Who Leave?

What happens to the ones who leave? The ones who lie and deceive and then walk out the door into their next chapter without so much as a glance behind. […]


Yesterday was a stunning respite from winter. The sky was a subtle cobalt blue, unmarred by even the slightest suggestion of a cloud. The temperature, already reasonable at dawn, climbed […]

Planning a Marriage

I visited my local Starbucks the other day to enjoy some coffee and free Wi-Fi. I was engaged in relatively simple research, so I let my ears wander to the […]

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