Anxiety After Divorce

The dictionary defines anxiety as, “a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome.” Well, it’s no wonder then that anxiety becomes a constant companion for many facing divorce, which certainly epitomizes an “imminent event…with an uncertain outcome.” It’s normal to feel anxious before, during andContinue reading “Anxiety After Divorce”

Five Eye-Opening Truths About Divorcing With Kids

There’s a lot you know about how to divorce with kids. Yet there are some realities that still may surprise you. Are you aware of these five eye-opening truths?   You know not to alienate the children from their other parent. From the day this all began, you vowed to not withhold the children fromContinue reading “Five Eye-Opening Truths About Divorcing With Kids”

How to Remove the Emotion When Dealing With a Difficult Ex

Some people end up friends with their exes. Some people are able to successfully navigate their way into a companionate coparenting or business relationship with their spouse. And others have an ex from you-know-where that continues to cause pain and wreak havoc long after the divorce. Sometimes you can go no-contact and excise the malignancy.Continue reading “How to Remove the Emotion When Dealing With a Difficult Ex”

7 Vital Lessons Divorce Teaches Children

I was in elementary school when my parents divorced and my dad moved out. I remember being confused – how could a family suddenly be not-a-family? I was sad – not only did I miss my dad, but I saw that mom was hurting. And I was ashamed, concerned that somehow my friends would judgeContinue reading “7 Vital Lessons Divorce Teaches Children”