Important Lessons You Learn From Living Alone

Nothing had changed. It was the strangest sensation. I left the apartment just before 6:00 am for work and when I returned that night, nothing  had changed in the intervening hours. The coffee cup was still by the side of the sink with its cold contents beginning to separate. The selected – and then rejectedContinue reading “Important Lessons You Learn From Living Alone”

Five Experiences EVERY Kid Should Have

I have now earned the moniker “adventure momma.” Last year, I took my dear friend’s daughter (then eight) on a zip line/aerial course with the promise that, if she enjoyed herself, it would become an annual occurrence. She enjoyed herself. This year, when I presented her with the option of again doing the “kid” courseContinue reading “Five Experiences EVERY Kid Should Have”

52 Things to Do When You’re Feeling Lonely

Feeling lonely sucks. The sense of being disconnected and unseen can pull us down as certainly as a lead weight affixed to our ankles. Loneliness isn’t always apparent to others. The person who lives and works alone may feel perfectly fulfilled while the married mother of three may be struggling with feelings of isolation. That’sContinue reading “52 Things to Do When You’re Feeling Lonely”

Divorcing Without Kids Has Its Own Set of Struggles

You know what kind of divorce is the hardest? Whatever kind you have to go through. Because it’s hard on everybody no matter the circumstances. And my circumstances – child free by choice – left me grateful throughout my own divorce that I didn’t have to help little ones navigate a family transition. That certainlyContinue reading “Divorcing Without Kids Has Its Own Set of Struggles”