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Lessons From the End of a Marriage

A “How to Thrive” Guide After Divorce

How to Remove the Emotion When Dealing With a Difficult Ex

Some people end up friends with their exes. Some people are able to successfully navigate their way into a companionate coparenting or business relationship with their spouse. And others have an ex from you-know-where that continues to cause pain and wreak havoc long after the divorce. Sometimes you can go no-contact and excise the malignancy.Continue reading “How to Remove the Emotion When Dealing With a Difficult Ex”

Reframing Fair

Life’s not fair. You probably first heard those words back in elementary school when a classmate’s misdeeds resulted in mass discipline or some slight against you went unpunished. If you’re anything like me, those words only served to salt the wound, as the brain kicked up reasons that this was different. That this time, theContinue reading “Reframing Fair”

Daddy Issues

My father is a great man but he has not always been a great father. Like millions of others of my generation, my parents divorced when I was a kid. As in many cases, their separation also impacted my relationship with my father. I remember feeling close to my dad when I was quite young.Continue reading “Daddy Issues”

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