Reframing Fair

Life’s not fair. You probably first heard those words back in elementary school when a classmate’s misdeeds resulted in mass discipline or some slight against you went unpunished. If you’re anything like me, those words only served to salt the wound, as the brain kicked up reasons that this was different. That this time, theContinue reading “Reframing Fair”

This is a Test of the Emergency Rant System

This is only a test. If this were a real rant, the computer would be out the window and my hands would be pummeling the heavy bag instead of the keyboard. It is not fair. It’s not fair that I am left cleaning up and facing the consequences of the enormous financial mess he leftContinue reading “This is a Test of the Emergency Rant System”

My Motivation

People keep telling me I’m brave to share my story. I don’t see that. Living through it was the hard part. This is the gravy. Within days of receiving the text, I got online and searched for answers and support. Most sites offered me nothing. They discussed how to have an amicable divorce (yeah… somehowContinue reading “My Motivation”