In Case of Emergency, Open File

As a teacher, I am well-versed and well-practiced in emergency management plans. We meet as a faculty at the beginning of every school year and we learn the latest procedures and dialog through possible scenarios. We exit the meeting armed with detailed plans and signs, to be at the ready in case of an emergency.Continue reading “In Case of Emergency, Open File”

First Responder Mode

  I had dinner last night with a friend who recently experienced a significant break up. This also happened to coincide with her completion of an education program and the start of a new job.   She’s in first responder mode as she works to triage her life. The pain and heartbreak have to beContinue reading “First Responder Mode”

This is a Test of the Emergency Rant System

This is only a test. If this were a real rant, the computer would be out the window and my hands would be pummeling the heavy bag instead of the keyboard. It is not fair. It’s not fair that I am left cleaning up and facing the consequences of the enormous financial mess he leftContinue reading “This is a Test of the Emergency Rant System”