A Note to My Readers

It’s been a surreal day, as I’m sure it’s been for many of you. Instead of the planned professional development I was supposed to present, I spent the morning packing up my classroom, preparing online lessons and messaging students about classes for the upcoming week. It felt like preparing for summer break but without theContinue reading “A Note to My Readers”

Forget the Casserole! What People in Crisis REALLY Need

When bad things happen to good people, the calvary arrives soon after with food and flowers. Level surfaces soon fill with cards expressing condolences and well wishes. Money is collected to help with both normal and unexpected expenses. Friends and family all want to help and being unable to change the circumstances, they respond withContinue reading “Forget the Casserole! What People in Crisis REALLY Need”

When the Going Gets Tough

We are defined by how we act when the going gets tough. Character doesn’t shine until it is challenged. And often flaws are concealed until struggle wears away the veneer of perfection. It’s no surprise that crisis often dissolves a marriage. That when the going gets tough, many couples instead respond as though the crisisContinue reading “When the Going Gets Tough”

In Case of Emergency, Open File

As a teacher, I am well-versed and well-practiced in emergency management plans. We meet as a faculty at the beginning of every school year and we learn the latest procedures and dialog through possible scenarios. We exit the meeting armed with detailed plans and signs, to be at the ready in case of an emergency.Continue reading “In Case of Emergency, Open File”