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growing apart

How Will Your Divorce Change You?

When I was dealing with the aftermath of my divorce, I was reminded of the PlayDoh extruder toy I had as a child. I would marvel at the smooth, even […]

Change is Never Easy, But it Can Be Easier

It’s not just seasons changing in these parts. The school where I’ve worked for the past five years has become swollen. Overripe and bursting with more kids than the building […]

growing pains

Post-Divorce Growing Pains

I spend my days working with adolescents and my evenings working with the recently divorced. And apart from the taste in music, I increasingly find that the two groups share […]

How to Create Lasting Change

Transformation requires change both in thoughts and in actions. And change is difficult to initiate and often even more difficult to sustain. The following are some tips and suggestions for […]

How to Change a Man

I met up with a friend the other day. She’s at a crossroads with the man she’s been dating for the past year or so. She wants marriage. Not now, […]

Out With the Old; In With the New

When my parents divorced, my mom elected to stay in the house so that I could continue to live in the same neighborhood and attend the same school. It may […]

Time Travel and the Road to Acceptance

We enjoyed a little “date afternoon” Saturday¬†as a way to extend the holiday and break up the monotony of post-camping laundry. We were both in complete agreement about the move […]

A Geographic

Brock has been busy lately. Very busy. So when he had to drive to the other side of town this morning to drop something off for work, he invited me […]


I’ve spent a good amount of time on rivers. As a kid growing up in South Texas, tubing down the Frio or Guadalupe rivers was an essential part of every […]

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