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How Will Your Divorce Change You?

Have you ever placed a plant in a window and neglected to turn it for a period of time? If so, you’re familiar with that asymmetrical appearance that occurs as the plant resolutely grows...

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Growing Apart in Marriage

We were inseparable for the better part of ten years. We met at the age of four at a Mother’s Day Out group at our church. I remember being drawn to her pigtails, her...

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Are You In Love With the Person or With Their Potential?

I was lucky. The decision to file for divorce was a no-brainer for me. At that point, my husband was MIA, had committed bigamy and had used all of my money (and credit) to...


Why We Struggle to Believe Things Can Be Different

I recently turned (gulp!) forty. Something about those milestone birthstone birthdays encourages reflection. So I found myself thinking back to my thirtieth birthday… Ten years ago, I awoke with the determination to learn to...


When You’re No Longer At Home In Your Own Skin

It was a snake that first taught me that growth is uncomfortable. It was a Kenyan sand boa, a small and docile breed, that found its way into my life over twenty years ago....

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