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When Your Head Knows… But Your Heart Doesn’t

Are you staying with the status quo because it is right… or because it is comfortable? Change is hard and so we often try to talk ourselves out of it, even when we know...



I had surgery on my wrist over twenty years ago. A ligament that was putting pressure on the median nerve was severed to allow the electrical signals to travel unimpeded to and from my...


Dangerous Cargo

      From the book, Lessons From the End of a Marriage:   Summer 2010 A year passed. Anniversaries knocked against my still-fragile mind like branches against an unsheltered window in a storm....


Heart Beans

photo from I received an invitation this morning to a friend’s retirement party on the 29th of this month. Before I responded, I checked the calendar on my iPhone to see if I...


A Broken Heart Could Actually Kill You : Discovery News

Weeks after my ex disappeared, I found myself shivering in a doctor’s office, my emaciated frame unable to stay warm beneath the gown.  My urine sample was red and viscous with blood from the...

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