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Lessons From the End of a Marriage

A “How to Thrive” Guide After Divorce

The Waiting Room

Yesterday morning, I helped my husband slide his wedding band off his finger and I slipped it onto my left thumb for safekeeping. I gave him one last kiss before he was wheeled down the hall and out my reach. It was a simple surgery. Brief. Yet my hand trembled as it placed his belongingsContinue reading “The Waiting Room”


I had surgery on my wrist over twenty years ago. A ligament that was putting pressure on the median nerve was severed to allow the electrical signals to travel unimpeded to and from my hand. The surgery was ultimately a success, providing some pain relief and an increase in sensation and function. However, it wasContinue reading “Adhesion”

You Up For Something New?

That was the text that came to my phone at 3:30 this afternoon. Of course, there’s only one appropriate response: “Sure.” The text came from a friend of mine that I frequently refer to as my “sprinting buddy.” We first met at the gym a couple of years ago. He was in the early stagesContinue reading “You Up For Something New?”

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