Those Who Can

I never planned on becoming a teacher. My initial goal was architecture, but I veered away from that field as fewer and fewer opportunities were available within the profession.  My next choice was physical therapy – it offered the blend of science and social interaction I desired plus I was drawn to the idea ofContinue reading “Those Who Can”

You Up For Something New?

That was the text that came to my phone at 3:30 this afternoon. Of course, there’s only one appropriate response: “Sure.” The text came from a friend of mine that I frequently refer to as my “sprinting buddy.” We first met at the gym a couple of years ago. He was in the early stagesContinue reading “You Up For Something New?”

En Guarde: Lessons From the Fencing Strip

I was never an athletic child.  I always had various bodily complaints: asthma, joint problems, allergies, and I found it way too easy to pass on physical exertion due to these issues.  Strangely enough; however, one of my long-standing complaints ushered me in to the world of sports and exercise. I had always had painContinue reading “En Guarde: Lessons From the Fencing Strip”