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For many of my students, the three-day Savannah field trip is their first time away from their parents for any length of time. And, although they won’t admit it, it’s also their first time...


Goal Post

I was packing my file drawers just now and came across the above pages, now worn and sun bleached. I remembered writing a post about it about a year and half ago. Perspective is...


An Open Letter to the IRS

I have written before about my experiences with the Innocent Spouse relief program with the IRS.  I have now received refunds for all of the years in question (I cried when each check came...

Dulling the Knife’s Edge 4

Dulling the Knife’s Edge

This was one of my first posts on this site (back when I had all of 4 followers, I think). I put it on Facebook today and it’s been generating some interesting feedback so...

Low Tide 0

Low Tide

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