For many of my students, the three-day Savannah field trip is their first time away from their parents for any length of time. And, although they won’t admit it, it’s also their first time really experiencing homesickness. I could see it in their increased anxiety, expressed through endless questions and clarifications. I could feel itContinue reading “Homesick”

Goal Post

I was packing my file drawers just now and came across the above pages, now worn and sun bleached. I remembered writing a post about it about a year and half ago. Perspective is so funny – those goals seemed so distant then and now even the old post feels ancient, especially with the completionContinue reading “Goal Post”

An Open Letter to the IRS

I have written before about my experiences with the Innocent Spouse relief program with the IRS.  I have now received refunds for all of the years in question (I cried when each check came in).  They have asked me to complete a survey about my experiences with the program.  I am also sending this letterContinue reading “An Open Letter to the IRS”

Dulling the Knife’s Edge

This was one of my first posts on this site (back when I had all of 4 followers, I think). I put it on Facebook today and it’s been generating some interesting feedback so I thought I would repost it again here. Enjoy:)     When I first felt the raw, unwashed trauma of myContinue reading “Dulling the Knife’s Edge”