When All You See is the Path, You Lose the Destination

I took my second jiu jitsu class today. For the most part, the language of the mat is as unfamiliar to me as Latvian was last month. But every so often, a phrase will reach my ears that makes perfect sense. At the end of class, my husband has everybody circle up and share oneContinue reading “When All You See is the Path, You Lose the Destination”

Share Your Successes

In many ways, 2017 has been a rough year for me. I lost my best buddy, Tiger, years before his time. I’ve had a challenging time finding balance with work, especially when I expected year two to be less overwhelming. As a result of my work schedule, I’ve felt a strange mix of over-extended forContinue reading “Share Your Successes”

Forget New Year’s Resolutions! Resolve What’s Eating You Inside

Did you make a resolution for this year? Three days in, how are you doing with your resolution? Still going strong? Awesome! Or are you starting to think you may have been a bit too enthusiastic with your goals? The reality is that most resolutions “fail,” not because we are weak but because we areContinue reading “Forget New Year’s Resolutions! Resolve What’s Eating You Inside”

The Shortcut for Healing After Divorce

Every spring, I hear a common refrain in my classroom. Almost as predictable and consistent as the tree frogs singing outside. We are at the point in the curriculum where topics have built and overlapped upon each other until a single problem can take up half of a piece of paper. Each day, as IContinue reading “The Shortcut for Healing After Divorce”