The Problem With, “I Can’t Wait For it to Be Over”

“December 31st can’t get here soon enough!” “2019 just needs to end already!” “I can’t wait for this year to be over!” I’m reading and hearing these refrains on an ever-increasing basis. And sometimes I even find myself agreeing. At least in the moment. But then, I think about other times I’ve felt that wayContinue reading “The Problem With, “I Can’t Wait For it to Be Over””

Share Your Successes

In many ways, 2017 has been a rough year for me. I lost my best buddy, Tiger, years before his time. I’ve had a challenging time finding balance with work, especially when I expected year two to be less overwhelming. As a result of my work schedule, I’ve felt a strange mix of over-extended forContinue reading “Share Your Successes”

Forget New Year’s Resolutions! Resolve What’s Eating You Inside

Did you make a resolution for this year? Three days in, how are you doing with your resolution? Still going strong? Awesome! Or are you starting to think you may have been a bit too enthusiastic with your goals? The reality is that most resolutions “fail,” not because we are weak but because we areContinue reading “Forget New Year’s Resolutions! Resolve What’s Eating You Inside”

My First-Ever New Year’s Resolution

I’m generally not a fan of resolutions – they generally aim too high, lack staying power and lead to feelings of guilt and failure when they inevitably crash and burn. But this year, I’m ignoring my own advice and I’m committing to a resolution for the New Year. A resolution inspired by watching my husbandContinue reading “My First-Ever New Year’s Resolution”