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The Problem With, “I Can’t Wait For It To Be Over”

“December 31st can’t get here soon enough!”

“2016 just needs to end already!”

“I can’t wait for this year to be over!”

I’m reading and hearing these refrains on an ever-increasing basis. And sometimes I even find myself agreeing. At least in the moment.

But then, I think about other times I’ve felt that way – waiting for my divorce to be finalized, waiting for a particularly tedious plane trip to end or waiting for a difficult school year to wrap.

And I change my mind about wanting to hurry up and get 2016 over with.

When we focus on the end, we neglect to be in the present.

When we label something as “bad,” we have tendency to overlook the good. Whatever you nurture, grows.

When we assign happiness and success to external things, we neglect to make the internal changes needed to do better once the external circumstances change.

Like any other year (or any other thing at all), 2016 has had both good and not-so-good times. It’s not the worst, it’s not the best. It’s a Jackson Pollock of them both. Stand too close and all you see are the individual spots of joy and suffering. But stand back and take it all in and you see the bigger picture. It’s best to spend time at both vantage points.

As we enter the final hours of 2016…

Take time to remember and be grateful for the beautiful moments the year had to offer. And think about how you can cultivate those in the months to come.

Be present and mindful in these final hours of the year. Practice letting go of expectations and nurturing acceptance.

Refrain from assigning any magical powers to a new number. If you want different, be different.







  1. I really know what you are saying. Today I rented a 10 x 15 storage unit for our furniture and clutter, to get the house ready to sell, moved a few things from our bedroom into storage. Tonight I cleared the master bedroom and office, going through all sorts of stuff left in the desk, — at one point sobbing uncontrollably when I came across a support letter we wrote together for a second service trip to Tijuana with our kids (I was so proud of them), unaware that my 20 year old daughter is home and could hear me. I am drained, wanting this to be over yet not wanting it at the same time.

  2. Refreshing. I was starting to feel guilty about 2016 being a good year for me personally. Not really guilty. And yeah, plenty of bad stuff did happen in the world, but what we focus on gets bigger. I’d like to ask, what did we learn from 2016 that we can use to make this year better?

  3. Lovely reflections. I was kinda thinking the same thing but someone on the radio reminded me that it wasn’t the worst year ever. They said that the worst year ever was 1347, the year of the black plague that killed 25 million people! I know that sounds odd, but it put 2016 in a better perspective for me. 🙂

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