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Signs It’s Time to Make a Change

Change is hard. And so, like with many things that are hard, we often do our best to avoid it. Sometimes, we are left with no choice. After all, when the house is on...

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Is the Time Spent In a “Failed” Married Wasted?

When my math students first start to tackle more difficult algebra problems, they retain their elementary focus on determining the single correct answer. While this difficult work is still relatively new to them, they...


Turning Back the Clocks

My social media feeds this morning have been filled with various iterations of the following: The meme made me think. If I could turn back the clock to twenty, would I want to? My...


Does Time Heal All Wounds?

When people contact me early in their divorce experience, the edges still rough and the emotions raw, I often find myself saying, “It’s early still. Give it some time.” It’s counsel I hate to...



“I’ve wasted half my life,” I wailed to my friend from my spot curled up against the doorframe on her checkered kitchen floor. She turned from loading the dishwasher, “Don’t ever say that. Nothing...

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