“I’ve wasted half my life,” I wailed to my friend from my spot curled up against the doorframe on her checkered kitchen floor. She turned from loading the dishwasher, “Don’t ever say that. Nothing is ever a waste.” At that time, I certainly didn’t agree with her. After all, I had just realized that someContinue reading “Wasted”


When I was fourteen, I spent several months doing intensive outpatient physical therapy for an arm that had decided to go on strike. I was receiving therapy at an excellent rehabilitation hospital that primarily served inpatients who were working to overcome severe injuries and illnesses. I spent most of my time in the outpatient gym,Continue reading “Debridement”

How to Transform Your Life When You’re Short On Time

If you’re anything like me, you find that your life’s to-do list grows longer each year while your available time seems to grow shorter. Perhaps you make the same resolutions each season (lose weight, eat better, stress less… sound familiar?) only to find that you do not have the freedom in your schedule to fulfillContinue reading “How to Transform Your Life When You’re Short On Time”

Work is Like a Gas

Work is like a gas. It expands to fill its allotted space. As a teacher, I have fixed hours: 8:30-4:30 M-F. That time is entirely consumed with meetings, conferences, tutoring and, let’s not forget, instruction. That means that I have to find time outside of that window to prepare lessons, write materials and grade papers.Continue reading “Work is Like a Gas”