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The Divorce Detox Diet

The Divorce Detox Diet has nothing to do with your waistline or the number of celery stalks you consume in a day. This diet is not about cleansing your body; it’s about cleansing your...


How to Transform Your Life When You’re Short On Time

If you’re anything like me, you find that your life’s to-do list grows longer each year while your available time seems to grow shorter. Perhaps you make the same resolutions each season (lose weight,...


Have Your Cake and Spinach Too: Dessert Flavored Green Smoothies for Health & Weight Loss

Only $.99 on Kindle! Green smoothies are gaining in popularity as people realize that they are a great way to increase your consumption of leafy greens in a easy and great-tasting smoothie. You may...

Relationship Supplements 0

Relationship Supplements

Before recently signing up for a marathon, I consulted a friend of mine who is extremely erudite in the biochemistry of nutrition and supplementation.  I eat a very healthy diet: vegetarian leaning towards vegan,...

Why Diets Are Doomed 0

Why Diets Are Doomed

  One of the RSS feeds I subscribe to is a message board/ virtual support group for those following an extremely low carb diet (many of them are cycling between high and low calorie...

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