Maximizing Potential

I have two passions when it comes to writing – relationships and wellness. I’ve been blending them on this site since the beginning and I maintained a wellness newsletter for a time. I dropped the newsletter when I became busier and did not have time for the painstaking formatting process every week. And, on thisContinue reading “Maximizing Potential”


In my former life, I viewed eating as a purely functional act.  I was not concerned with the quality of food that entered my mouth, as long as it contained the proper macronutrients at the proper time. For almost ten years, my lunch consisted of a premixed protein shake because it was high in protein,Continue reading “Nourishment”

Relationship Supplements

Before recently signing up for a marathon, I consulted a friend of mine who is extremely erudite in the biochemistry of nutrition and supplementation.  I eat a very healthy diet: vegetarian leaning towards vegan, gluten free, and containing very few processed foods.  My shopping cart looks more like a garden than something from the groceryContinue reading “Relationship Supplements”