Have Your Cake and Spinach Too: Dessert Flavored Green Smoothies for Health & Weight Loss


In my former life, I viewed eating as a purely functional act.  I was not concerned with the quality of food that entered my mouth, as long as it contained the proper macronutrients at the proper time. For almost ten years, my lunch consisted of a premixed protein shake because it was high in protein,Continue reading “Nourishment”

On the Menu: Pot of Veggies at the End of the Rainbow

It’s been quite some time since I’ve done one of these posts. This whole fall has been a whirlwind of activity between The Jeff Probst Show and other spin-offs from the book, activities with friends, and marathon training. This weekend has been a chance to catch my breath before the next round of craziness beginsContinue reading “On the Menu: Pot of Veggies at the End of the Rainbow”

Do You Want Free Wellness Tips, Recipes and Information?

I write a weekly wellness newsletter for my coaching gig. It is completely free and has no strings attached. You can see examples of the newsletters here. If you like what see, you can complete the newsletter form on my Action Potential Wellness site and you’ll begin receiving them next week. You’re good, but youContinue reading “Do You Want Free Wellness Tips, Recipes and Information?”