When You Don’t Want to Go Home

One of the most painful sentences that I have ever been on the receiving end of was, “I didn’t want to come home.” Those words were a cannonball to the gut, a sharp exhale followed by a tremulous and hesitant inhale. Because home should be a place where you want to go. A sanctuary whereContinue reading “When You Don’t Want to Go Home”

8 Positive Life Events That Can Stress Your Relationship

We often underestimate stress. Not the frenetic energy of the I-have-a-deadline-to-meet panic or the constant fear of how the bills are going to get paid this month. But the other stress. The good stress. The stress that sneaks in alongside positive life events. The occurrences we hope for, pray for and plan for. Only toContinue reading “8 Positive Life Events That Can Stress Your Relationship”

7 Areas to Downsize During Divorce

One of the most gut-wrenching sensations during divorce is to be by yourself in what was the marital home. It’s a different type of alone than the kind that comes when your spouse is away on a business trip. It’s a hollowing. A fragile glass sphere rattling around in a sharp-edged box with no paddingContinue reading “7 Areas to Downsize During Divorce”

Out With the Old; In With the New

When my parents divorced, my mom elected to stay in the house so that I could continue to live in the same neighborhood and attend the same school. It may have been the same house, but it sure experienced a transformation after my dad moved out. The dark wood was painted white. Old wallpaper wasContinue reading “Out With the Old; In With the New”