How to End a Marriage

How to end a marriage… The end of a relationship is excruciating whether you are initiating the breakup or you are on the receiving end of the news. Those who are in the position of being the one to announce the end face the additional pressures of being secure in their decision and they shoulderContinue reading “How to End a Marriage”

7 Areas to Upsize During Divorce

Divorce is a pruning of your life. Limbs are removed and the whole is pared back, perhaps to its base, leaving only the bare minimum needed to sustain life. There are many areas where it is prudent to downsize to simplify and remove excess stressors, focusing only on the most critical needs. But divorce isContinue reading “7 Areas to Upsize During Divorce”

7 Areas to Downsize During Divorce

One of the most gut-wrenching sensations during divorce is to be by yourself in what was the marital home. It’s a different type of alone than the kind that comes when your spouse is away on a business trip. It’s a hollowing. A fragile glass sphere rattling around in a sharp-edged box with no paddingContinue reading “7 Areas to Downsize During Divorce”

The End. The Best Ways to End Relationships According to Science

Are you wondering how to best end a relationship? Or, have you been left in a particularly bad manner?   Apparently there are 7 ways to leave your lover, not 50. This Psychology Today piece describes 7 ways that relationships end and evaluates them for their impact on the breakee. They explore the relationship betweenContinue reading “The End. The Best Ways to End Relationships According to Science”