Common Challenges in Post-Divorce Relationships

Post-divorce relationships are often where the fears of experiencing heartbreak again collide with the hope and heady infatuation of early attachment. These opposing emotional forces, along with any lingering unresolved divorce issues, present certain common challenges in relationships entered into after one or both parties experienced divorce.   You meet the right person at theContinue reading “Common Challenges in Post-Divorce Relationships”

The End. The Best Ways to End Relationships According to Science

Are you wondering how to best end a relationship? Or, have you been left in a particularly bad manner?   Apparently there are 7 ways to leave your lover, not 50. This Psychology Today piece describes 7 ways that relationships end and evaluates them for their impact on the breakee. They explore the relationship betweenContinue reading “The End. The Best Ways to End Relationships According to Science”